Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Update on Michigan Draft Gore Activities, Monday, October 29

We are finishing off our very positive Nominating Petition drive. We are pleased that over 100 petitioners contributed to our effort, more than 10 new leaders stepped up to help us organize, and we talked about Al Gore to tens of thousands of Michigan voters while the other candidates had most of their staff and activists in other states collecting petitions.

As we said in mid-September at the start of our Nominating Petition drive our volunteers did gather more than 3,500 signatures. However, we did not raise sufficient funds for professional petition circulators to help us place Al Gore on the Jan. 15 primary ballot.

However, our shortfall may not be a problem as the Jan. 15 primary may not take place for Democrats. A law suit wants to cancel the primary. Also, many Dems prefer to have a chance to vote for all the Democratic candidates, including Gore, in the February caucuses ( Feb. 9 or sooner, date not yet firm). There might be a decision about caucuses or a primary at a Michigan Dems Executive Committee on Wednesday, Nov. 7. We will notify you immediately when there is news.

Meanwhile, we need Michigan Gore supporters to help us transfer the names and addresses off of our Nominating petitions, so we can send our new names of supporters to Al Gore to help convince him to run. Please email Bob Alexander if you can help on this crucial task at, and title your email Volunteer to help with data entry.

We will have more information about our next steps to help build support in Michigan for Al Gore for president in ten days or so. Onward.

Bob Alexander and Doug Kelley,

Co-Chairs, Michigan Draft Gore