Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anecdotes from the Field

Activity seems to be picking up. I've had two phone calls today from people who want to know where they can go to sign Gore petitions. Each was interesting in its own way.

Caller #1:
This morning I got a call from a young woman wanting to know where she could go to sign a petition. I gave her information about a 12th District/Macomb County Dems event tomorrow night, where Mark Brewer will be speaking about the primary/caucus situation. I also told her I'd be in Royal Oak on Friday and that she could check out this blog for a full schedule. She's going to try to come tomorrow night if she can get a sitter for her son.

I asked her where she got my phone number, and she said from and that she reads DailyKos and MichLib. I told her I post there as well and asked her if she reads DemocraticUndergound. She said she's a lurker. She then asked me if I was SharonRB. When I told her yes, she laughed and she said she reads us every night. By "us" she means the group I belong to at DU called the KOEB (Keith Olbermann Estrogen Brigade), where we watch KO together every night and post about the show and other things. I told her she should post and stop just lurking. Then came the really funny part: She said she felt like she was talking to a celebrity. Hardly! I'm certainly no celebrity. Just a politically active woman who enjoys the Toobz and has a lot of friends living in her computer.

Caller #2:
A short while ago a woman called me saying she heard we were trying to draft Gore. She wanted to know where she can sign a Gore petition. I told her she could meet me in Royal Oak on Friday and I gave her the info on getting to this blog.

The funny part of this conversation was that she heard about us from her daughter who lives in Wisconsin! She had no idea this movement was going on, but she was very happy that it was and thinks Gore is so much better than everyone else in the field.

She asked if she could bring her whole church circle with her to sign. I told her of course she could. And it sounds like she's going to take some petitions with her as well when she meets me on Friday.

In less than 48 hours we'll know whether or not Al has won the Nobel and then we can sit and wait to see what he does. Let's keep everything crossed we can keep crossed!