Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An update from Bob Alexander

Dear Michigan Draft Gore Petitioner,

Thank you again for all your vigorous work to Draft Al Gore.

Yesterday, Obama, Edwards, Richardson and Biden withdrew their names from the Jan. 15 Michigan Primary Ballot. Over the next few days the effect of this major unexpected move will become more evident.

Yes, this Primary/Caucus situation is a mess. However, at the same time it continues an excellent opportunity for each of us to reach out to voters and ask them to sign a petition showing their support for Al Gore to be on the Michigan Primary and/or Caucus ballots. Since this new Primary was established on September 4th, we have had a major increase in Michigan Draft Gore activities- our number of active petitioners exploded from about 30 to almost 150!

For the next few days it is ok to circulate the Nomination petitions, and if you are asked about the withdrawal by some of the presidential candidates, reply that we are not sure what is going to happen but we want to do all we can to get Al Gore on the Primary or Caucus ballot.

Our statewide leaders will be meeting in Ann Arbor at 2pm on Sunday to discuss this situation and decide how we are going to move forward in a unified and effective manner. As our petitioning over the last year has been our best outreach effort to build local Draft Gore groups and our statewide organization, I expect we will continue to petition in some manner. By Sunday evening I will email you the decisions and recommended future actions.

Again, thank you for your questions, efforts and fine petitioning.

Bob Alexander, Co-Chair, Michigan Draft Gore